American Heart Association

The Association is a national voluntary health agency whose mission is to reduce disability and death from cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

Anthony Bates Foundation

Formed in memory of Anthony Bates, who died at age 20 of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, the Anthony Bates Foundation performs free heart screening events to detect underlying heart defects and promotes heart health education and awareness.

Camp Odayin

Camp Odayin strives to provide a safe, fun, and stigma-free camp experience for children with heart disease, regardless of socioeconomic status. The camp offers the opportunity to strengthen self-confidence, gain independence, develop life skills, and meet other young people with similar health, emotional, and social concerns.

CARE - Cardiac Arrhythmias Research and Education Foundation

C.A.R.E.’s mission is to provide funding for research and to increase professional and public awareness of unexpected sudden cardiac death due to acquired heart disease and inherited rhythm disorders.

Correlagen Diagnostics, Inc

Correlagen provides genetic testing that can help to diagnose inherited diseases such as Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy or Familial Hypercholesterolemia early and definitively and that can distinguish between at-risk and not-at-risk family members of patients.

Greg Moyer Defibrillator Fund

The Greg Moyer Defibrillator Fund was formed in memory of Greg Moyer, who died at age 15 of sudden cardiac arrest. The Fund works to place AEDs in schools and other public places to help prevent similar tragedies.

Heart Rhythm Society

Heart Rhythm Society is the international leader in science, education, and advocacy for cardiac arrhythmia professionals and patients, and the primary information resource on heart rhythm disorders.

Heartfelt Cardiac Projects

Heartfelt Cardiac Projects provides cardiac screening in order to save lives from preventable tragedies due to Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD).

HCMA - Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Association

HCMA seeks to provide information, support, and advocacy to HCM patients, their families, and medical providers.

Kids Endangered Now (KEN)

KEN aims to raise awareness of cardiac defect warning signs, increase cardiac prescreening, help make EKGs and Echocardiograms more affordable for student athletes, promote AED placement in athletic arenas and other areas of physical activity, implement the Chain of Survival training to any youth athletic program, and to promote a national registry of sudden cardiac arrest in young people.

Life Saving Solutions

Life Saving Solutions is a company that provides services for public access defibrillation programs (PADs). It distributes AEDs, offers program management, CPR/AED training, data management, medical oversight, site specific policy and procedures and other services.

Louis J. Acompora Memorial Foundation

Formed in memory of Louis J. Acompora, who died at age 14 while playing in a high school lacrosse game, the Louis J. Acompora Memorial Foundation promotes sports safety and AED programs through national awareness campaigns, education projects, and affecting policy on local and state levels.

Matthew Krug Foundation

The Foundation is dedicated to saving lives of young people through immediate response to sudden cardiac arrest and early detection of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) by actively educating the public, promoting AED programs, and organizing cardiac screening events.

NHLBI - National Heart, Blood and Lung Institute

The NHLBI provides leadership for a national program in diseases of the heart, blood vessels, lung, and blood; blood resources; and sleep disorders. The Institute plans, conducts, fosters, and supports an integrated and coordinated program of basic research, clinical investigations and trials, observational studies, and demonstration and education projects

Robbie Levine Foundation

Formed in memory of Robbie Levine, who died at age 9 when his heart stopped while he was running the bases during a Little League team practice. The Robbie Levine Foundation fosters education about heart disease and advocates for new techniques and technologies to prevent, detect and treat heart disease.

SADS - Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndromes

SADS’ mission is to save the lives and support the families of children and young adults who are genetically predisposed to sudden death due to heart rhythm abnormalities.

Saving Young Hearts

Established in memory of Sean Alexander Anderson, who collapsed in cardiac arrest while rollerblading in February 2004, at age ten. Sean’s heart never regained rhythm. Saving Young Hearts’ goal is to educate parents and communities about the imminent possibility of SCA in children and young adults and advocate heart screenings for early detection in school age children.

SCAA - Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association

SCAA identifies and unites survivors, those at risk of sudden cardiac arrest, and advocates of SCAA issues to promote solutions to prevent sudden cardiac death.

SCA Foundation

The SCA Foundation is a national nonprofit organization that seeks to prevent death and disability from sudden cardiac arrest.


STARS-US provides information and support for those suffering from Syncope, Reflex Anoxic Seizures, Blackouts and unexplained loss of consciousness.

Take It To Heart

Formed in memory of Janna April Becker, who died at age 15 of Long QT syndrome, Take It To HeartTM increases awareness and provides educational materials and resources to prevent sudden cardiac death in children and young adults. It promotes cardiac screenings, beginning with an ECG read by a cardiologist, for all children entering the 9th grade.